Consumer Reports rates Kentuckiana Medical Center No. 1 for patient safety


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• If you’re not feeling great, you might want to head to the Sunny Side of Louisville. Kentuckiana Medical Center in Clarksville has come out of several reviews with the top safety rating in the Kentucky market. A market where it appears the rest of the competition is having a tough time when it comes to patient safety.

KMC, managed by Wichita, Kansas-based healthcare development firm Galichia Hospital Group, is ranked as the No. 1 Hospital in the Louisville area for patient safety by Consumer Reports.

That got them a shout out from WAVE-TV’s Eric Flack, who did the original reporting. Flack stated the highest safety score in Consumer Reports for Louisville area hospital ratings “is far from a household name. It’s the Kentuckiana Medical Center in Clarksville, Indiana.”

Only KMC received an above-average rating for avoiding medical mortality, based on how likely patients are to die within 30 days of being admitted for a heart attack, heart failure, or pneumonia.

Baptist Health LaGrange got the same safety score, 63, as KMC but had a lower Consumer Report ranking for avoiding medical mortality.

Baptist Hospital Louisville is ranked just below KMC and Baptist Health LaGrange.

Bringing up the rear is University of Louisville Hospital with a 40 rating, and two of those little half-black circles Consumer Report uses to designate a “worse” risk for mortality.

Michael Phillips, KMC CEO, attributes KMC’s better patient survival rate to its outstanding heart doctors – Drs. Chris Stavens, John Rumisek, and Rob Dowling –  and all the clinicians at KMC.

“We have amazing physicians at Kentuckiana Medical Center. Drs. Stavens, Rumasek and Dowling, plus many others are constantly saving the lives of extremely sick people, some of whom were transferred to them from other local hospitals for heart care because the physicians feel being at KMC after a heart attack is the best chance a patient has for survival,” Phillips stated in a news release.

“Consumer Reports recent performance data has confirmed they are correct.”