Joseph P. Galichia, MD, FACC – Board Chairman/CEO

Dr. Joseph Galichia is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of interventional cardiology. He was one of the first Americans to study in Switzerland under the tutelage of Drs. Ernst Schneider and Andreas Gruntzig, the inventors of the balloon angioplasty technique for treating heart and vascular disease. Galichia brought the technique back to the U.S., and focused on creating a medical practice that emphasized technological advancements and wellness, in addition to creating a network of physicians and rural clinics throughout the region.

His career as a medical entrepreneur is one marked by technological innovation, five-star model hospitality, and excellent delivery of care. From the early 1970’s, Galichia has developed his network of rural clinics around Kansas, which led to the creation of Galichia Labs, Inc., a mobile testing company bringing technology to underserved areas. Galichia founded the Galichia Heart Hospital in Wichita, Kansas in 2001. After several expansions, GHH grew to become a general 78- bed hospital, with a bustling ER.


Michael Phillips, MBA – Co-Founder COO/CFO GHG

Michael Phillips is a highly accomplished executive and entrepreneur with exceptional turnaround experience. Mr. Phillips has realized enormous success improving operational and financial situations of distressed organizations. Mr. Phillips’ ability to positively impact the bottom line, while still holding true to the organization’s values and mission, provides Galichia Hospital Group the ability to assist any organization.

He has held senior leadership positions in both forprofit and nonprofit health systems across the country, including the titles of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Analyst, and Budget Officer. Mr. Phillips also brings a wealth of experience in service line creation and improvement as well as significant experience in all aspects of healthcare administration including physician recruitment, retention, service line creation, mergers, acquisitions, and financial turnaround.


Steven L. Henderson – CEO Las Cruces Regional Medical Center

Steven Henderson is a highly talented healthcare executive with exceptional skills and over twenty years of experience in operations, financial management, and healthcare administration. Steve has managed and consulted for many distressed organizations during his career, and has proven himself to be a results-oriented team leader with abilities in contract negotiations, business development, management of multiple-site facilities, with exceptional skill in strategic planning and financial forecasting. Steve has excelled in patient relations and has exemplary people skills.

Steve’s troubleshooting ability enables him to analyze critical issues, define sensible strategies, and apply creative solutions in healthcare institutions around the country, and he has managed hospitals out of distressed situations into profitability. Steve’s track record of success makes him an invaluable asset of the Galichia Hospital Group.