Management Services

Dr. Galichia has generated over $1 Billion in revenue through the Galichia Hospital Group and Galichia Medical Group. Through these groups, Dr. Galichia has pioneered freestanding heart and general acute cardiac clinics, state-of-the-art cardiac cath labs, and vascular training programs for specialists around the world.

Galichia Hospital Group provides management, personnel services and specializes in consulting services to fulfill the needs of each facility. Galichia Hospital Group facilitates every aspect of hospital management and operations which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Hospital Licensing

  • Payer Agreements and Relationships

  • Administration and Back Office Management

  • Medical Staff Development

  • Accounting and Audit Services

  • Billing

  • Human Resources

  • Supply and Materials Management

  • Risk Management

  • Insurance

  • Compliance

  • Equipment Procurement & Management

  • Management Information System

  • Marketing

  • Obtain Ancillary Services

  • Obtain Purchased Services

  • Hospital Planning and Development Services

  • Sales and Syndication