Five-Star Hospitality Concept

Five-Star Hospitality Concept The cornerstone of the Galichia Hospital Group vision is the five-star hospitality model – one that incorporates the finest service for the patient at every level. The dedication to high-quality healthcare and ongoing improvement - both in patient satisfaction and medical care delivery - is sure to remain a hallmark of each project managed by Galichia Hospital Group.

Patient-focused Care

Everything about GHG’s management model has been planned with patients in mind. Every aspect of design and delivery of care focuses on the perspective of the patient. The hospital design takes into consideration equipment, staff, and operations in order to deliver a comprehensive, coordinated patient focused program.

Centrally located services such as radiology, pharmacy, laboratories, and nurses’ stations are strategically positioned to allow better patient monitoring. GHG facilities offer large, single-patient, fully equipped rooms, which permit family members to remain overnight. The design and function of the hospital facility enables physicians and nurses to devote a majority of their time and energy to directly caring for their patients.

This concept reduces patient risk, increases patient and family member satisfaction and reduces delays in providing patient services.

“From the beginning, I have envisioned creating a continuum of care where patients could receive the most advanced treatment, diagnostic service, and physician care under the same roof. Galichia managed hospitals are places for great doctors to do great work. Our patient’s health and satisfaction is our priority and we are determined to make their stay as comfortable as possible.” Dr. Joseph Galichia